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About Our Company

Balance Servers, Inc. was created in 2004 and soon broke into the game hosting industry with TCAdmin V1 game control panel providing a software package designed to automate many aspects of the game and voice hosting model. Through out the past 13 years we have added and improved upon many features within our TCAdmin software. Through strategic partnerships and unique features, we continue to stay on the forefront of the game server automation and management software market. With the inroduction of TCAdmin V2 in 2015 we continue to improve our software to meet client demands! 

Kevin O'Donnell - Sales

Luis Alvarenga - Developer
Mailing Address
Balance Servers, Inc.
16 Smithson Drive
Beverly, Ma 01938

Sales and Support
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 Clients who order webhosting accounts will need to enter a ticket requesting setup of their new hosting account, and to have it configured to connect to their TCAdmin system.